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"Di qui passò Francesco"


The identifying logo of the two paths:
-On the road with St. Francis
-With wings on your feet



On the road with saint Francis
Discovering the places he passed through, where he stopped and then went BEYOND... ...

“A pilgrimage has meaning if done on foot;
it means drawing ever nearer slowly,
It is a time space, not just reaching your goal.
Pilgrimage is about solitude,
It is about losing oneself to find oneself again”

Erri De Luca

Purchasing of the guide can be done online on the website of the "Terre di mezzo"
it is available on >>> "Amazon.it"

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- Con le ali ai piedi -
With wings on your feet

the natural continuation of the Way:
"On the road with Saint Francis" has now become a reality.
500Km from Rieti to Monte Sant'Angelo, two walks to connect the mountain of Francis (La Verna) up with that of the Archangel Michael (MonteSant'Angelo)

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